Domain name change – how please?

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    I originally created a WordPress blog page to support my Box of Frogs business and so created the domain wordpress name as However, I want to change this to another business that I have started without having to go and create a whole new blog – is this possible and if yes how? If not then new blog it is.

    Thanks for your help




    You want to keep the blog address but clear the blog of everything?



    Hi Mark,

    Right now there’s only an about us part (question about that in a min).

    This blog references back to my other business bofukcom but what I want to do is keep the blog, I have uploaded some images and created an about us page, but the new business is called Mango Tree Images. So, through WordPress I’m going to buy that name but want to make sure that visually the words anyone uses to see it will be Mango Tree and not Box of Frogs. I hope this is clear.

    Re an about us section – I want to make that sticky meaning every page has this description visible and have all my other items below that – blog posts, image galleries as click throughs. I’m fairly new to the whole blogging thing so learning slowly as I go.

    Apologies in advance if these topics are simple but thanks all the same for helping out.




    Mark – following on…

    here’s a link to the blog, look at the title of it

    I want to replace the bofukcom with something like MTI or MangoTree

    Also, when you click on it I think it’s evedent that I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing! Is there any reference material in WordPress about effective blogging and how to use templates etc?

    Again thank you.




    Hi all,

    Is anyone able to answer this question please?

    Thank you



    There are extensive resources here. The FAQ is full of information and tutorials. You can start at:

    And this forum is a great resource, using either the search box or the tag cloud or both. The FAQ also has a search box.




    Even i want to change my domain name from to something else…
    can you guys clearly mention if its possible and how?????

    Many thanks

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