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    I have a domain name that is mapped to a wordpress blog and want to cahnge it to another domain name. I have pointed the Named Servers to WordPress and will wait a few days fro it to update. Couple of questions:

    1. Will I then be able to transfer the new domain to the blog without buying new credits. HOw on earth will I do it?
    2. Though only a new blog, wil this lose any built up links with Google?

    Help appreciated!




    Since this is a new domain name, it would require you buying the credits for the domain mapping as each domain is different. I would just map the domain, make sure you “put blog here” for that domain and that will also forward all traffic from the old domain name as well to the new one until it’s mapping expires. In terms of google, each domain name is treated seperate so it will lose the links after your first domain expires (since it will forward to the new domain until then). I would imagine that the new blog will get indexed prior to the first expiring though ;)




    Thats really helpfull and sorted everything out.

    Thanks for making telling me as this was driving me bonkers.



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