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Domain name for $5 or $18?

  1. I purchased a domain name from godaddy for ! $9 a few days ago, and when I checked out at, it showed $5 for registration and $13 for mapping. Since I have my blog on WP, I thought it'd be best to purchase the domain name from WP and also save a few dollars. I immediately cancelled from godaddy and when the domain name was available at WP after a few days I went in for registration. However, at checkout it says I should pay $18 for domain registration. Why this discrepancy? Am I missing out on something? The WP Store clearly says $5 for domain name registration, now why is it suddenly saying $18. In the WP forums too I notice people have paid $18. What am I missing here.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The domain price is $5 and you'll have to map the domain for $13 so domain mapping on costs you $18.
    On the other hand if you transfer your domain from Godaddy to it will cost you $22.

  3. Thanks so much for the explanation, helpful.

  4. There is also a privacy option to keep your domain name info private - can't remember how it fits into the cost thing but it is above the registration and mapping and optional

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