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domain name mapping problem

  1. Hi,

    I have a question about domain mapping. I did everything right, I think!, by following the FAQ but something isn’t quite right.

    I have the domain "" and when people go to this URL I want them redirected to "," my new blog. So I set up domain mapping, changed my name servers with to point to the wordpress DNSs, and right now in my Upgrades > Domain section, things look like this:

    Domain Function Your blog URL Redirecting to (Put blog here)

    Also, I have nothing on except a simple web page with the text “A Garden Apart.”

    But now, whether I go to, or whether I go to, I’m taken to this simple web page, not my blog.

    What did I do wrong? I want both to point to my blog. Ideally, "wordpress" won't be in the URL at all no matter how you get to the blog.

    I've been experimenting with clicking the "Put blog here" link to see if it makes a difference, but maybe these changes take time to propagate, much like a change to the DNS would.

    Thanks very much for any advice!

  2. Since you have added the domain mapping, you would "put blog here" beside and that will redirect all traffic to that domain. If people go to your other domain it will redirect to the URL for you ;)


  3. Hi Trent,

    I didn't change the above Domain/Function yet, but I just discovered that if I go to "" I do get my blog. If I go to "" though I get that simple page, and if I go to "" I get the simple page. Is this what should be happening, given my Domain/Function settings now?

    Mary Anne

  4. If you recently added the domain to wordpress mapping, it can take some time for the name to provagate throughout the internet! It can take up to 24 hours, but usually happens pretty quickly! The domain is working for me redirecting, so it should work for you ( and the rest of the net) pretty soon!


  5. Hi Trent!

    I added it about 24 hours ago, but as I said I was playing around with the "Put blog here" link, thinking that would make it work.

    So that's it - there's nothing more I need to do? Except perhaps put a redirect script on my web server so that if someone goes to, just point them to, and that in turn will point to my blog as it's doing now?

    Mary Anne

  6. If you changed the name servers to name servers, you will not need the redirection script for that domain once it moves across completely! It should just work if I am understanding this correctly Mary Anne!


  7. Trent,

    I found one of my problems. I wasn't going to, I was going to instead. This, as well as, gets me that simple web page.

    Maybe the change has not fully propagated then. I know it can take over a day but in my experience 24 hours has been sufficient. But the way I understand domain mapping now, the $10.00 buys you the ability to get rid of "wordpress" in your blog's domain, but by doing so, you must also leave off the www (or any other subdomain). But if this is true, then I need the redirection script. Or maybe this is where the CNAME records come in - something I haven't looked into up to this point - I found a topic at Does this make sense?

    Mary Anne

  8. I have several domains here at that are registered externally. The name servers are set to, and The servers here take the www off automatically and just serve up the domain without it. It is nothing you have to do extra! It just redirects to the main domain.

    In your example, will be redirected to will redirect to and then to

    Where the CNAME comes in is if you point a specific portion of your domain to only. For instance, you want only as your URL and still have the domain on another host. If you have the nameservers for the entire domain over to it will work as intended, but without the www in the URL as no domain here is served up that way (just the way they have their servers setup!)

    Does that help?


  9. Trent,

    Yes, that all makes sense.

    In your statement, " will redirect to" for me it doesn't at the moment, but does it for you?

    Maybe things really didn't propage to all the DNSs yet. Or at least not the ones my ISP is using! Perhaps waiting another day or two will clear up all the issues.

    Mary Anne

  10. The www is removed and it ends up at right now hosted on :) If you want it to end up at the wordpress address, you will need to "put blog here" beside the wordpress name as it is still on the domain! Personally, I would leave it as the domain name myself in case you ever want to move the blog somewhere else without much hassle, but it is up to you!


  11. Trent,

    OK - I see what's happening now with the "put blog here" stuff.

    Thank you SO much for all your help and taking the time to explain. You've cleared things up for me. :-)

    Mary Anne

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