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    I own my url… I would like to creat a blog that has the url What do I need to do to set up this scenario? Does everything happen on the side, or do I need to have my web site host do something? Is this a mapping issue? A redirect issue?



    Just passing by. See if my understanding works.

    1. Go to your Dashboard.
    2. Options
    3. Domains
    4. Type in the box.

    This is a guess from me, while Support is offline now (I guess that its their night time there).

    Anyway, sorry if it does not work.



    Afraid not. Good try though. They could do it as a subdomain like and you would have to do a CNAME on your end for that subdomain. It would be the $10 price point per year. If you follow the link on the Dashboard -> Upgrades -> Domain page, (I can’t open up another page here so I can’t give you the actual link) it talks about doing this.

    Do remember though that the ToS prevents you from using your blog hosted here at to actually sell anything.

    Hope this helps,



    I’m sorry, Dr. Mike, there is literally nothing on that page, certainly no instructions to walk you through this process. I’m pretty web-savvy, and I don’t get it. I’m with you, Lowell. Dr. Mike, a little more detail, please?
    Thanks, Don



    Is this information what you are looking for?
    Are these instructions what you are looking for?



    1. Buy domain name upgrade
    2. Put as your domain
    3. Write a page with whatever you want at
    4. Write a page called “blog”
    4. Set up your blog so that it is on …/blog instead of …/

    Dashboard >> Options >> Reading
    front page displays static page from step 3
    posts page from step 4



    1-2 are required for the domain name

    3-4 are required for any blog that wants to have a static front page with the blog posts on their own page

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