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    Hi – I paid my $10 and changed my nameserver on so that it is now connected to my blog. My blog is at
    I now want to go to YAHOO and create my site and have it hosted there. I’m planning to build my site and sell MP3’s and DVD’s and I’ve been told that for someone like me, it’s much easier to do it on Yahoo.

    Of course, I want to keep my blog and have it be a part of my site, too.
    I am not a tech person (I’m a Consulting Hypnotist)and all of this is new – and a bit daunting to me. So I apologize in advance if I don’t understand…

    I do have a few questions and I hope that one of you very patient people can direct me.

    I plan to have my site at Yahoo using the domain (which is now attached to WordPress)

    1. How do I change my domain name on my blog here so that I can keep my blog? I have

    2. If my blog is called here, will I be able to have it be a part of my Website at Yahoo?

    3. Do I need to do something at instead of here?

    Thank you in advance,


    Have you considered contacting staff?



    I know that you can have your blog be a subdomain of your main site…that’s in the Domain Name FAQ. So you could have as the blog name. That’s the absolute easiest way to do this, meaning you don’t need iframes or one invisible blog and one visible one or any of that nonsense. But TTTS is right, contacting staff is the best way to go.



    Thanks to both of you. I sent an email to Support Staff. I appreciate you taking your time to respond.

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