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Domain name redirection

  1. I created a blog under wordpress, and bought directly in my wordpress interface a domain name. I waited ow more than 72 hours and the webiste still doesn't show up...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    Looks like your domain is not pointing to name servers yet:

    Please go to your domain registrar's site and log into the control panel. You will need to update the name servers as below:


    For more information, please visit the help documentation provided by the registrar and our support page:

    Let us know if you have any questions!

  3. Hi Zandyring,
    Thank you for your fast respond.
    I can not update server because i created the blog directly under wordpress interface ( It is originally called
    And when i try to go to Dashboard > Domain > Modify DNS > copy paste
    it says, it is no valid....
    Thanks for your feed back...

  4. Who did you register the name with?
    You need to set the nameservers to with the registrar.

  5. I registered it in the wordpress backoffice!!!
    1) i create a blog on
    2) i went to " > shop > buy domain name > i paid 13 dollars for for 1 year for !
    I checked on the support and they said it was that easy, no need to set name servers etc...

  6. Same problem here. I paid and it said wait. i am still waiting. since the 1st. Seems like wordpress is having issues and they dont have the people to respond to the problem. 2 days. NO RESPONSE. great way to start off.

  7. tgveil - did you buy the domain through wordpress or the domain mapping ? There are two things you need. the mapping is $13. the actual domain name is a further cost.

    Although I am also having similar problems - my blog is totally inaccessible and it does seem that there is a problem. But since wordpress run the DNS I'm a bit stuffed.

    If any admin come past doesnt seem to be available.

  8. @tgveil

    Your $ 13. is for domain mapping only - your name CAN'T be registered at WordPress.COM (they can't register a .fr name - they can map it to your blog here) - I did a whois and I am not sure that has been registered - you need to register the domain name with a Registrar that will accept a .fr name.

  9. @bhodisafa & @markbl - -

    we need the domain name you want to register or map and the base WordPress.COM blog you are trying to map the domain name to before anyone can give you accurate help

  10. cheers auxclass -

    support query here:

    My first though was that we must have done something wrong - but I cant see anything...

  11. Ok, i didn't know that .fr is not supported via So if i understand clear, if i go, for example, on and buy the domain name, the site will be redirected on my "wordpress site"?

    Other question, if i buy on the wordpress interface, then it will be directly redirected to my wordpress site?

  12. As long as you make sure that the nameservers are set to NS1.WORDPRESS.COM etc. in the settings

    If you buy from wordpress, then you'll need to get the mapping changed by

  13. The sites are and any help is appreciated your email support does not seem to work. Thanks

  14. The sites are and any help is appreciated your email support does not seem to work. Thanks

  15. @tgveil,

    That is correct; you can purchase domains that end in the .fr extension elsewhere and then map them to your blog. You can also purchase the .com domain through your existing blog and it will automatically map when you agree to the charge - you won't have to update your nameservers!

  16. @markbl,

    I see your site when I visit If you're not able to see it, you may need to clear your cache:

    Let me know if you're still having issues after clearing the cache!

  17. @bhodisafa,

    I am able to see your site at (your underlying WordPress URL is, btw - the part is always after the part you specified!)

    It can take up to 72 hours for the domain to propagate across the web, so you may have been caught in that window.



    This is what I get. I cleared cache. Can you explain?

  19. Why would I get a redirect to that website above.

    Redirects me to

  20. I am also having the same problem my wordpress site is still not showing and I have sent two tickets to support and have had no reply.

    Easy space who I registrated my domain with have said that the nameserver dns has been re-directed so why is my wordpress site not live on the internet.

    Please can someone tell me what is going on ?

  21. the blog I need help with is
    all I am getting is server not found !

  22. @nikkiattree

    You need to change the name servers at your registrar - don't do a redirect - see below for some more info

    We require that your name server configuration include only the following servers or their numeric equivalents:


    Your name servers are as follows:


  23. Lets try this again since I was ignored yet the answer after mine was answered.

    When you type

    it redirects to

    can you help me? its been 4 days and NO help. If you can not help let me know so I can get a refund.

    At this point I just want a refund and to be done with wordpress. Since email help is not working since I have sent multiple messages, maybe you can help.

  24. @bhodisafa

    You seem to have a spelling issue with the domain names you are asking about - one is mapped correctly and the other has no domain mapping - goes to a strange page - loads to a WordPress.COM blog fine

    Did you try and purchase domain mapping for Were you charged for it?

    What do you see at Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades?

  25. Working it out in the store. I might just be an idiot. Maybe.

  26. Are you really working with two different domain names and maybe two different blogs also? - Note the cEn vs/ the cAn in the domain name - spelling errors are a common problem with domain names

  27. I'm sorted - I didn't do anything (even clear cache) but things started working again.

    I'm happy.

  28. Ok, problem is solved from my side...
    I bought the domain name on ovh, and redirected on the registrar, the website works perfectly... Thanks for all the help...

  29. @bhodisafa,

    It looks like auxclass targeted your issue correctly: the domain I see associated with your account is


    I see that the nameservers still need to updated on your domain. To do this, you'll need to log into your domain registrar (easyspace) and update your nameservers to, NS2.WORDPRESS.COM, and NS3.WORDPRESS.COM. They are sometimes called domain servers, if that's any help.

    Once you take care of that, you should be all set!


  30. Hi.

    I am trying to redirect my wordpress site to and I am getting a msg saying I can't do this. I am trying to do this by buying a redirection for $13 via the store.

    any thoughts please.

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