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domain name reserved? Please help

  1. Hi there,

    I have been trying get a new domain name but it says, 'it's reserved'.

    Ironically, when I typed the same domain name in the internet's address bar, it guided me to the new user registration and said, 'the domain doesnot exist - You may create one if you want.

    I wonder if taking me to that page has automatically resrved it for me? I really want that. Did I did dig my own grave?

    Please help.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the domain in question?

  3. Oh no response yet...

    Just wanted to make this clear.

    Imagine, for example, I wanted a domain name as I first checked if this is available
    by typing the above in address in my address bar. WordPress then
    automatically took me to its new user registration page on which
    it said, 'the domain name doesnot exist - You may create one if
    you want'. I was happy about this.

    I then closed that browser and started signing up through another
    browser which then said, 'sorry! that's been reserved. Please
    type a different name'.

    Hope that makes sense...Please help...SOS

  4. Hi bubel, I believe you are a staff of WordPress. I can reveal
    the domain name to you but not here in public. I am afraid that
    someone might take it away from me.

  5. @oiledrocks, See bubel's reply right above yours and give him the name you wanted so he can check it for you and probably get you that address.

  6. It means that the name was claimed during those few seconds!!!!

    BTW, the mydog link you have left is a blog that has been "archived or suspended for a violation of the Terms of Service."!!!

  7. Vikas, 'mydog' was just an example, that is not what I wanted...

    Bubel, can you please tell me a way to privately let you know
    the domain name I want..?

  8. Go to and give them all the details and put his name in the title/subject area.

  9. Indeed, please follow thesacredpath's link. I'll look for your message.

  10. bubel, Just mailed you! Thanks

  11. Thank you very much Anthony! you have done a great job! What a team! I am a fan of WordPress now!

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