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Domain name still taken after expiration

  1. My domain expired at the beginning of July, and I decided not to renew. I completely deleted my blog and have gone through the steps to get all it's pages deleted from google.

    But.. I tried paying for my old domain ( on and other sites, and it says the domain is still taken. How long will it take before gives it up? As I said, I haven't renewed anything and my blog is completely deleted.

  2. Once a domain expires it goes into "turnaround" for awhile, where the original owner can get it back IF he goes via I suggest you do that, otherwise the chance of losing it to someone else is too great.

  3. Did you remove the domain mapping from the free hosted blog you were mapping from to the domain, prior to deleting the free hosted blog? What was the URL of the now deleted blog?

  4. Thanks for your advice. Do you know how long the domain is in 'turnaround'? If I must go with a .org or .net domain, I will, but I would much rather use .com. (I'll be using on my new site so that I can edit themes.)

  5. Staff are on this board right now. Please > What was the URL of the now deleted blog?

  6. timethief - Sorry, I really don't remember, I just know I deleted my blog right after it expired in July. The URL of the deleted site is

  7. When a domain expires, it becomes the property of our registrar partner, and is only returned to the public market at their discretion.

    We have no control over this process, but I have seen it take anywhere from 5 to 90 days.

  8. - appears to be registered into 2013 - are you sure you did not renew the domain name?

  9. aux - I'm 100% sure I didn't renew. I deleted my blog and everything, and wasn't charged by WP at all.

  10. Then someone else has gotten it and there's nothing you can do.

  11. I really doubt that is true. Try typing in and see what comes up. A error saying, " doesn’t exist." That's the site I used to have that I connected with

  12. - shows a being registered through Wild West Domains expires July 15, 2013 or so - but there does not seem to be any owner record - so a bit confusing -

    I will flag this for staff attention - maybe they can give you more info

  13. Yes, that's entirely normal. That means the domain is still being held by the registrar, but not in redemption.

    It could be in the process of returning to the public market or it could be sent to auction.

  14. Thanks for the update - I had not ran into this before - it does make sense

    So if the OP wanted the name what would be the suggested way to go about getting the name back? If it goes to auction then not for sure they will get it back -

  15. Auction is very rare, but they would need to hook up with a domain auction service like to bid.

    Otherwise, just site tight and wait for the registrar to release the domain.

  16. OK - the old drop off into the wild is how I got my domain name - someone in Florida had registered it for 10 years and I don't think ever used it - and it expired and then after the grace period I was able to register it with no extra charges

    I was just wondering about the how to as the OP has a time deadline that does not look good

  17. I agree, it's not a good spot to be in, and I really do with we had more control. 5 to 90 days is really the smallest estimate I can give.

    I usually recommend to try registering it again once or twice every week.

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