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Domain name to page, not blog

  1. I'd like to register a domain with wordpress, ( but have the domain redirect to (a page I've created with in the wordpress site) rather then the home tab or the blog. Is that possible? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't map a domain to a single page.

  3. Okay.
    Could I do it if I register a domain name with another registrar and then pay a redirect service to send it to page link?

  4. That is likely possible. How easy it would be depends on the registrar. I've seen some that are pretty thin on redirect options. You would have to query a couple of them and see.

  5. Why don't you just map it to your blog and set that as the landing page?

  6. raincoaster, what do you mean? what's a landing page? can I choose which page is my "home" in wordpress?

  7. can I choose which page is my "home" in wordpress?

    You can set a Static landing page

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