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domain name transfer

  1. I am trying to transfer my domain name host from WordPress to Fatcow. I have already done the necessary steps found: but for some reason it still wasn't letting me install my newly purchased theme. I went back in and saw that my domain is still registered with WordPress so I began the transfer process again only to find that there isn't a single domain listed in my domain manager site. What is going on? Why isn't there a domain listed?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Domain Name: JOEDELVALLE.COM
    Registrar: FASTDOMAIN, INC.

    You are not registered at WordPress.COM - that might have something to do with the instructions not working

    What do you really want to do? Host on Fatcow?

  3. When I go to 'My Upgrades' it reads that my domain is registered with and that the status is active...where do you see otherwise?

    But that is correct. I would like to host Fatcow.

  4. Nameservers Validated!

    Congratulations! The nameservers appear to be set up correctly for

    More Information
    Primary Blog is Set is set as the primary domain for and will appear in the address bar when you visit the site.

    You have domain mapping here - not registration

    You have no real content here so Exporting and Importing would not really help you

    You need to buy hosting from Fatcow - point your nameservers to Fatcow and start working on your blog

    You will need to get help at WordPress.ORG for your Fatcow install - you will need to open an account at .ORG if you want to ask questions there - the accounts here don't work there -

  5. PS - if your mapping is less than 30 days old you can get a refund from your My Upgrades section - you will not need domain mapping here when you go to Fatcow

  6. I had actually asked this same question on WordPress.ORG and they told me to ask here

    So from what I'm understanding is that I need to change my nameserver to wordpress.ORG so that I can have Fatcow host my site. (I already have an account with them). BUT I can't edit anything related to my domain because it shows that there is no domain in my domain manger site.

  7. You need to change your name servers to Fatcow - Fatcow will give you the proper name servers -

    WordPress.ORG is the keeper of the WordPress software - they are not a host - they do have some host pardners - but .ORG is not a host

  8. The answer they gave you over at .ORG was correct based on what you told them you needed done - but you gave .ORG some info that was not correct

    The reason my answer was the correct answer is I did not take your word and did some extra research to see that you were not registered here but were hosted here -

    Good luck

  9. I'm sorry but I still don't know what my next step should be. I am not registered with Fatcow...My account says I'm registered with I don't see any domain name in my domain manager to name server information. What should I be doing?

    I really appreciate your help :)

  10. HELLO?

  11. Registrar: FASTDOMAIN, INC.

    you are registered with Fastdomain - you need to work with them to change the name servers there -

    At WordPress.COM you can not transfer the domain name because it is not registered here - that also prevents you from changing the name servers here -

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