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    I want to start posting a work of fiction I am writing, and the title I have for it is already a domain name for another blogger. However, when I went to their blog to see what is was about (mere curiosity), they did not have any posts; nothing was on their blog. Is there a report function or some way I can see if they have left wordpress, or *something* I can do to get that domain name? Anything?!

    The blog I need help with is


    If the hello world post is there, leave a comment on it and see if they would be willing to transfer it over to you. That is, I’m sorry to say, the only way.

    If they respond and say they will transfer it, you are in good shape. If they don’t respond, or they say no, then that is pretty much the end of it. WordPress will not transfer unused blogs to other bloggers.



    Well this bites :P There are no posts at all, they do not even have their profile filled out. Dang.



    It’s dead common. You could always get the domain upgrade and call your blog or or etc.

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