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    My current URL on is I bought another domain name from GoDaddy that has dashes in the name. I was hoping to be able to use it on, only to find out, of course that I cannot, because of the dashes. If I register another blog at, excluding dashes in the name, does it do me any good, and is there a good or better way for me to reference or tag the dash-equipped URL somewhere in my new blog at Is there any way for me to leverage the dash-equipped domain name that I got from GoDaddy? Thanks for any suggestions that you have.


    I would contact support directly on this. I was thinking that you could domain map to a domain name with dashes. Include all the details.



    thesacredpat: – answer from Support is ‘no’ – no dashes allowed in the domain name.


    Hmmm, I knew that was the case with the blog URL’s, but I didn’t know it applied to mapped domains as well.

    Thanks for posting the answer.

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