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Domain Names

  1. themidlifesecondwife

    I registered a domain name with GoDaddy in 2010 ( and have just updated its name server so that it will be mapped on WordPress because I'd like this site, which is for my business, to be hosted on WordPress. Have I taken the right first step? I do not want to change the domain name of my blog; in fact, I'd like two separate sites on WordPress. I think I might be in over my head and could really use some guidance...thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'd like two separate sites on WordPress.

    When we register a username we supply an email address that becomes our unique indentifier. When we are logged in under that username account and register a blog it will be registered to that username. We can create a "nickname" or "display" name but it will appear on all blogs registered to the same username account.

    In order to have two completely separate blogs that are not associated with each other you register another username account using a different email address when you are logged out of

    Then you can login to the blog that you want to purchase the domain mapping upgrade for and complete the process to map an existing domain.

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