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domain names

  1. I am new to blogging and want to set one up. I have already purchased a domain name that I would wish to use, is it possible to use my own domain name and use the free service at or should I download the software from and purchase hosting space to do so? Please inform me of the pros and cons of both scenarios (if possible in both ways). Thanks!

  2. You can point your domain name to Have a read of these FAQ entries for info:

    The differences? self hosted - less security, support at, more freedom to do whatever you want, you can have adsense (if you have to!) - security, no need to worry about upgrades, backups, faults etc, us volunteers!

    There's more info in the sticky at the top of the forum which might help you.

  3. So the advantage to using is that my domain name will appear in the URL field, and if I use their URL will appear in place of my domain name. Correct? Thanks for the info!

  4. ahh, upon looking at the link you've sent me I've come to the conclusion that I can use my domain name (having it appear exclusively in the URL, in place of any WP characters) if I pay $10 a year for domain mapping. Is my understanding on par?

  5. Yep, that's exactly right. Your URL will be in the address bar and you will have the support (and restrictions) of the blogging platform.

  6. Thanks again, you've been quite helpful!

  7. Pleasure. :)

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