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Domain no longer exists, but can't create blog with the same name

  1. Hello.
    I wanna create a new blog in wordpress, but i've been received opposite informations by the admin. The site says the domain " no longer exists", but I can't use it to named my new blog. The domain still owned by the former blogger, even if he deletes the blog, or is this an admin problem?
    Just wanna know.

  2. Please note that when a blog URL address is deleted here at it's gone forever. The URL will not be recycled and cannot be used by anyone again.

    If you wish you can purchase an annually renewable domain mapping upgrade. Then you will have your own domain name and it does not matter what the underlying sub-domain URL you are mapping from to your new domain is. Your visitors will see the domain URLs and on the Admin side of your blog you will see the underlying sub-domain URL that your are mapping from to your new domain. No matter which sub-domain URLs are clicked there will be a seamless transfer to the same content under the new domain URLs.

  3. Makes sense.
    Thank You.

  4. You're welcome.

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