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    I own a domain and I am currently using Google Apps. I did read the help but I am still a bit confused.

    I have my domain with domaincentral and currently use to map mail, calendar and www to use Google Apps. So domain central points to the everydns nameservers.

    I just started a wordpress blog at ( and would like this blog to become my but keeping my mail, calendar etc with Google Apps.

    Where is the Domain Mapping upgrade people keep talking about or is this free for Google Apps? The only Upgrades I see are; Custom CSS, Unlimited Private Users, 5Gb, 15Gb and 25Gb Space Upgrades? What are my options?



    The Domain Mapping upgrade is for your blog URL. Mine took me from to . It costs, I believe $10 if you already own the domain name; otherwise it’s $15 and these prices are per year. You won’t be able to follow the FAQ instructions for that gmail app until you’ve purchased this upgrade. Naturally, if you don’t buy it, you can still continue to get your gmail that way, etc, but it will not be connected to your blog.


    Hi I just recently bought a domain here which I paid $15 I believe its for both the domain and the hosting. right? but when I checked i still have 5 dollars credits. what happened?

    I also wanted to upload a new theme using the filezilla, can i do that? thanks!



    You can’t upload new themes at The best you can do is, IF you understand CSS well, you can buy the CSS upgrade and tweak the look of your theme. There are some themes designed for’s Sandbox, and a forum search should take you to the thread about those. Don’t buy the upgrade if you do not ALREADY know how to use CSS. There’s virtually nobody in the forums to help on that issue.

    As for why you still have $5, I have no idea. You should probably ask staff tomorrow when Support reopens.


    When I buy a domain on wordpress site means my blog domain changes definetely? I mean if instead of Are both of them working at the same time or once the change is done one of them desappear?

    Thanks a lot.



    If you get the new domain “mapping”, it does just that. It put the domain name onto your wordpress domain name. While both are “working” at the same time, which one you have the “put blog here” on will get all the traffic. If that is the domain name, all traffic to both that domain name and your wordpress address will be sent to the domain name. The vice-versa effect if that is opposite. When the domain name expires (if you let it), all traffic will be sent to your blog address again.




    When I click on upgrade domain and specify my domain I get the following message:

    Domain mapping is available for 10 credits per domain per year, registration not included. You have 0 credits. You will have to purchase additional credits via PayPal. Note that some forms of payment (eChecks) may take several days to process.
    Possible problem with
    We were unable to verify that is pointing to If you own this domain, follow the directions below to get it ready for your blog. If you don’t own it, try a different name to see if something else is available. If the domain is available, you may be able to register it with another registrar and then map it to your blog.
    How to fix it
    Using the DNS tools provided by your domain registrar, remove any existing nameservers and add the following:
    Then come back here and try again. It may take several hours for our system to recognize the changes.
    If all else fails
    If you need help, or if your registrar recommends a different solution, please contact support via the Feedback link at the top right of this page. We will help you sort it out.


    If you go tp “Upgrades” – “Upgrades” you find several options to upgrade, likeCustom CSS and so on. There you find three tabs: upgrades gifts and domain. Click on gifts. There you’ll find a field with credits. You can enter a diffrent value there, i.e. 10 to buy 10 Credits for 10$.
    That’s what I did. Now I do have 10 Credits but still can’t find any option to buy the Upgrade.

    I do have the Domain
    it points to the above mentioned nameservers but still if I enter that domain I get the same message as postet right above with only one change: it correctly states that I have 10 credits.

    Can somebody tell how to do the mapping or buying the upgrade now. It’s pretty unsatisfying if you are searching forums and don’t find a thing about something which is a paid upgrade!!!!!!!!!



    anybody? I just want to spend my credits! Unfortunately There ist no “feedback” Button in my admin area so I can’t get in touch with somebody who knows.

    If I can’t get an answer in this thread I probably need to open a new one.



    Do NOT spam the forum with the same question, repeated.

    The forum is staffed by volunteers, not all of whom will be on duty at any given time and not all of whom will know the answer to your specific question. If you require support feedback at 2:30 in the morning on a Sunday, perhaps you need to look into a paid hosting solution. Otherwise, be patient and someone will answer your question.

    If you’re curious about why there’s no feedback button on your dashboard, that is because it is now called Support, and it is only there during the hours staff is available.

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