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    This is kind of a complex situation, so bear with me.

    I bought my own domain name,, through wordpress for my blog in March of last year. This past February, I went to renew it through wordpress. For some reason, the “expires” date on the domain section of my admin page never changed. I didn’t think much of it until March came around and suddenly my domain name no longer redirected. Because I just needed to get the site back up as soon as possible, I just went back onto wordpress and renewed it again last weekend. Ever since then, some strange things have happened. First, it STILL says that the domain needs to be renewed in March of 2008 when I’ve already renewed it twice. Second, my site is back up, but I realized that when I made new posts, it would say it was published, but it wouldn’t show up on my blog. Going to the permalink gave me a 404. And under “Manage”, it still said the post was published. I tried everything to get it to show up, but nothing. I then disabled my standard domain ( from redirecting to my own domain and went to that instead. Lo and behold, there was the missing posts. It’s as if is an older version of my blog, stuck in time. I then try again to see if it’s at least redirecting to instead, and it’s not. It’s the exact same page with missing entries as before. So, I do a WhoIs search on my domain, and it looks like the DNS servers are wrong. Instead of WordPress’s DNS servers, it’s NS13.DOMAINCONTROL.COM and NS14.DOMAINCONTROL.COM. So, I’m thinking I need to go to the “Manage Your Domains” link at my wordpress admin page to fix that. I log in, but my domain doesn’t show up at all. It’s essentially a bunch of blank pages.

    So this is where I’m stuck. I’m sure that changing the DNS servers would fix my problem, but I don’t have access to it! At the very least I’d like to redirect to another site, since I rely on this site daily, and an outdated blog is no use to me or my visitors. I’d even be willing to just cancel my domain and buy it again elsewhere so that I know I have full control, even if I have to give up the few dollars I spent to renew it for a year. I just need this to be fixed ASAP! Any ideas?



    Hi Lauren, looks like your domain has been registered through Godaddy, as shown in your whois information. So Godaddy is where you need to go to change the dns server information to wordpress’s dns. (Not sure what those are though).

    Hope this helps.



    But that’s the problem… I didn’t buy it through GoDaddy. I bought it through WordPress. I don’t even have any login info for GoDaddy.



    Hi Lauren,

    GoDaddy manages domain registration for We just received an email from GoDaddy saying that something went wrong during the renewal process, and unfortunately it looks like it won’t be possible to recover the domain as someone else has taken over its registration. I don’t know what the problem was or where it happened. If you’d like to contact support we’ll arrange a refund and do whatever we can to help.

    Your current blog is available at The site currently visible at is not hosted at, but at SoftLayer:

    Since the new owner of the domain is using the content of your blog without permission, I’d suggest sending a DMCA notice to SoftLayer asking them to remove the content immediately:

    Please note that the DMCA notice only refers to the content (i.e. the written text of your posts), it’s separate from the domain name issue.

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