domain purchase problems?

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    Does anyone else have domain purchase problems? We get a number of error messages when trying to purchase a domain and the process seems quite difficult.

    One of the problems seems that the online form is set for US use (eg address fields) and doesnt seem to like UK information?

    Any help is most welcome.

    The blog I need help with is



    Is the name you are trying to register have a .uk extension?

    WordPress.COM can only register name with the .com, .org, .net, or .me. extension – you can still map others to a WordPress.COM blog – you just need to register the name elsewhere.



    Thanks for the response.

    It is a valid domain – so this shouldnt be a problem. Domain mapping is an option but we just wanted a simple solution and thought purchasing the domain via WordPress would be the best way.



    Sorry for the mix up – I have a couple of blogs and forget which I am logged into from time to time.



    You can only register .com, .net, .org, and .me domains names through

    If it’s a .uk domain, you’ll need to register it elsewhere, and we’ll need to know exactly what the domain name is before you attempt to map it here so we can add a zone record.


    Hello macmanx

    Its not a uk domain and it is one that is one that can be registered via WordPress.

    Originally we tried to use a debit card – then realised that it had to be a credit card (which also didnt work). Then other error messages came into play as I mentioned above.

    We must have spent about 3 hours trying to unsuccessfully book a domain. Is it possible for someone at WordPress to look at what happened with our application and give us a view on why it was rejected?



    I don’t see any transaction attempts on your account.

    Can you please quote the error messages?


    Thanks macmanx

    Very strange that potential transactions dont show up. I cant recall the exact wording but it was to the effect that something to do with the address fields being invalid.



    Ah, then probably your address was not accepted by the domain registrar.

    Would you please try again?

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