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Domain Questions and Cancellation Help

  1. I purchased a domain name for $26. A few hours later I decided that I did not like the name. So I went to my upgrades, hit cancel. And it said "cancellation pending." Then I bought my new domain name that I like better.

    Problem 1. After saying that the cancellation was pending for 2 days. It never cancelled. Now it says I'm over the 2 day rule and they don't want me to give my money back.

    Problem 2. When I go to Dashboard--> Blogs. It only shows my old domain name that I am trying to cancel. When I go to Store--> Upgrades. It will show both blogs.

    My blog is showing up as the 2nd Domain (the one I like), but then at others times it's not. For example on this form, it will only let me use my 1st Domain (the one I don't like).

    Someone please HELP!!! I'm so frustrated and have spent so much time trying to figure this out! Thanks!
    Blog url:

  2. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting for their assistance.

  3. Also, two other things. I have set my primary blog as the blog I like. I am afraid to delete the first domain/blog, since the domain I like is not showing up in my dashboard. I don't want to accidentally delete both.

  4. DON'T DELETE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wait until the domain registration is sorted out then set the extra blog to Private and use it for practice or something

  5. 1. Don't worry, our upgrades team will reply to your cancellation request as soon as they can.

    2. For that, just make sure you have the right primary domain set.

  6. Okay great thanks! The thing that confuses me the most is I do have it set as the primary domain. And it shows up most the time-- just not on Dashboard-->blogs. I'll be patient though until someone can help me sort it out.

    Thanks so much! Can't wait to get this taken care of.

  7. You should just be seeing the title of the blog there.

    Do you mean!/my-blogs/ ?

  8. Yes, I do see the title there. My title of the blog has not changed though-- just the domain. I first bought the domain Hours later, I cancelled that and bought

    When I go to dashboard-->blogs. The only one that shows up is When I go to the store, upgrades. Both of them appear. When I go to dashboard--> domains. Both of them appear and third-world-paradise is marked as the primary blog. And my blog generally appears as But once in a while, certain things will show up as That's why it's so confusing.

    Ideally, I would like to pretend the domain never existed. Since I cancelled hours later, I would like to be refunded the $26. But more importantly, I would like to show up on my dashboard blogs, and everything to be on that domain only.

  9. An example of when it switches back over to (the domain I don't want) is when I go to the side panel and click media to look through my pictures. It will switch from the domain I want ( to

  10. I have canceled and refunded as requested.

    Keep in mind that the domain is still mapped to, which is probably what you're seeing.

  11. Okay great! I just received the refund. Thank you!

    I tried changing the blog name to But it says only lowercase letters are allowed.

    Will there be any problem or confusion that my domain name is mapped to a different name? Is there anyway I can change that?

  12. You're welcome!

    There shouldn't be any confusion, as visitors will only see

  13. Well now the problem is they refunded me for both domains. So I no longer have either one. I only have Should I re-buy

    When they notified me a couple days ago they had refunded both domains (although I only asked for 1 domain to be cancelled), I asked them what to do. But they haven't responded yet.

  14. You replied to the email, which was the right thing to do in this case. Our Upgrades department will take care of this as soon as they can.

  15. Oh okay great.

    I was just worried because they said if you wish to cancel a cancellled domain, you only have 'a very short window to revert the cancellation.'

    Since they haven't responded back yet, I am getting a little nervous.

    I'm sorry for all the problems. But do you want me to just re-email them? I'm just worried I won't be able to get the domain back that I want.



  16. No, don't re-send the email. They handle requests from oldest to newest, so if you send a new reply, it bumps you to the back of the line.

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