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    I carefully read your support page about domains.
    my domain expire 1st of july. so that is 21 days ago.
    the support page says the following:
    during the first two weeks after expiration, a domain can still be renewed normally. After that, the domain is put up for auction and anyone can bid on it, but the original owner still has the opportunity to renew it for an extra $80 late fee (the owner should contact support). After that, if the owner does not renew the domain and it is not bid on at auction, the domain usually becomes available for registration again within a few days. But sometimes it doesn’t.

    how can I find out if my domain( has been bought during the auction?
    If it isn’t bought during the auction can I buy it myself again without paying the late fee of 80$?

    The blog I need help with is


    Please respond with the exact domain name in question. I’ve tagged this thread for staff assistance.


    PS, the only way to buy the domain again without paying the $80 fee is to wait until it is released to the general public after the auction, and hope someone else doesn’t register it first.



    The domain in question is
    thank you for your reply.
    how can I find out when the domain is released to the public again?


    The easiest way is to just keep searching domain registrars to see if it’s available, but keep in mind, this can take several weeks to a few months. Some registrars also allow you to pay a fee to “backorder” the domain, which means they’ll register it for you as soon as it becomes publicly available.



    WordPress is a registrar right?
    Do you offer a backorder possibility?



    Hi there, your domain has not yet been purchased at auction and is in redemption. I will send you an email with instructions for restoring it.

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