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Domain redirecting

  1. I bought a domain through wordpress with Automattic. It currently redirects or forwards (?) to my wordpress blog. I want to switch my blog to another service but I don't know how (or even if)I can through Automattic. I called the support number on the domain management website and they told me they couldn't "service my account" and that their phone number had been put on the website by mistake. Totally wierd. But I need to figure this out.
    If it can't be forwarded to a blog not on wordpress, how can I un-purchase the domain? Thank you for any help you can provide. Or if anyone has a support phone number for the Automattic domain people, that would be cool. THANKS!

  2. Why don't you email them or contact them through the Support button on your dashboard?

  3. They haven't responded.

  4. This could be because the information is already available in the FAQs

    Q: I purchased a domain through and now want to point it elsewhere. How can I do that?
    A: If you purchased the domain through, under Options –> Domains from your blog’s dashboard, you will see a link that says “Manage Domains”. If you click on this link you will be able to receive access to a control panel that allows you to change your domains nameservers and point it elsewhere.

  5. I know this. I am having problems because the new host does not use nameservers. Like I said, I called for help and that didn't work. I need assistance once I am in the "manage domains" system.

  6. If you wish to move the domain you purchased through elsewhere you have 2 options. Both of these involve logging into the registrar control panel linked from Manage Domains

    1) Change the nameservers to something other than and This can be done relatively easily via the control panel.

    2) Request that your domain be transferred to a different registrar. This process is a little more involved and cannot be done if you purchased your domain less than 60 days ago.

    If you are not sure which one is best for you, you will need to ask your new host.

    A host that does not use nameservers is not a host that I would want to use....

  7. Thank you Barry! Now I think my question is, who do I contact and how to go with option 2? Automattic's email form doesn't get response.
    Also, it's typepad -- I just emailed them to find out what's the deal. All their info says no nameserver only a "CNAME record modification" is used. Greek to me.

  8. You can request the transfer from the registrar control panel. I am not sure how TypePad's domain service works, you would need to ask them.

  9. You've been an immense help. I appreciate it. And thanks for being polite too.

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