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    I’ve had a blog at for a while, and now have bought a new domain – EXAMPLE.ORG.
    I would like everything to redirect to my new domain. So what I did first, is copy my content to my new domain, and then I left a message on saying that I have moved to the new domain, which is where I keep updating the content.
    The problem is that there is no automatic redirection to the new domain. The users who continue going into (instead of the new domain) are not being automatically redirected, and mostly don’t click on the message.

    I have found these instructions: but I am not sure I understand clearly.

    What I understand is that I need to first change the nameservers for my new domain and then add my new domain in the wordpress cpanel (only after around 72 hours) – so question #1 – doesn’t this mean, that during after this change is introduced, when a user enters EXAMPLE.ORG into his browser he will be redirected to Which is exactly the opposite of what I’m trying to do…
    But then I understand that there is another phase to this procedure – which is to change BACK the nameservers of my new domain to what they were beforehand – so question #2 – doesn’t this mean that when someone will enter EXAMPLE.ORG into his browser he will simply get the site, just as before? I don’t understand why this procedure automatically redirects traffic from to EXAMPLE.ORG.. Doesn’t it just mean that all the links on will be directed to EXAMPLE.ORG upon clicking them? Will the traffic be necessarily automatically redirected to EXAMPLE.ORG without the user having to click anything?

    And another thing, since changing nameservers takes around 72 hours (as stated in this link, which is inside the link i mentioned above, won’t it mean that there will be a windows of around 72 hours when all my traffic will be redirected to after I finish step 4?


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