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    Hello – I’m looking to move my blog over to Blogger. I have exported my posts/comments/pages and imported them over to Blogger. Here are 2 questions that I have for you:

    1) In exporting and then importing over to Blogger, it all worked out just fine except the only problem I ran up against is that no matter how many times I do the import, there is one post that simply does not come over. I see it in the XML file, but it just doesn’t show on Blogger. I am uncertain as to whether this is a or a Blogger issue, so thank you for your patience.

    2) How does the domain redirects work exactly? For example, I have several people who have pingbacks setup from my posts. If I have a domain redirect setup, will it just go to my Blogger home page or will it somehow figure out the new URL for that particular post? Also, for how long does the redirect work for (i.e., 6 months, 1 year)? If it only goes to the home page, what recommendations would you provide so that people who have pasted the URL from my blog can still read the post in the new Blogger site.

    Thank you everyone!! Cheers!

    The blog I need help with is

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