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    I have my domain registered at dreamhost that has a full set of functional CNAME, MX, and other records that I would prefer to not disrupt. Is it possible for me to adjust the A record for and add a www CNAME to point to my blog rather than adjusting my name servers to point to the ns* name servers?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can change the CNAME, MX etc records here, I do to make my email work


    Oh, I know. The challenge is that I have other subdomains of set up as CNAMES that aren’t working when put into the Domains text area. They used to work when I was using the dreamhost nameservers and configuration. Troubleshooting DNS records is such a pain, given how long it takes for updates to propogate across the webs so I’m considering reverting back but only if I can set up the root-level A record and www CNAME to point to my blog. Otherwise, I might just have to put in the hard work to get it all working within the wordpress control panel.


    Support staff? Anybody?



    The best way to map a domain to a blog is to set your domain’s name servers to the following values:


    Some registrars require the user of A records, so we can make those available, but that isn’t a permanent solution as our IP addresses change regularly. In other words, we strongly recommend you use the name servers, which will not change.

    If you need the IP addresses let me know and I will email you the most recent ones.


    Thank you for the response – what you wrote made a lot of sense. Following your advice, I contacted Dreamhost and they recommended that I set up an A record for my subdomain that points to their ip address. I did that, however, I don’t seem to get any direction of traffic when I try to visit the subdomain. When entered into a browser, I get a “server cannot be found” error. When I run an nslookup, I get an error that the domain is non existent. For your reference, my A record follows:

    A manna



    As it turns out, you shouldn’t have both A and CNAME for the same subdomain, and CNAMEs aren’t supposed to be IP addresses.

    We’ve removed that and need to let the DNS have time to update Internet-wide. If you do a propagation check for that A record (it takes some time to load) , everything looks good:


    Thank you, I can already see everything resolving correctly and my old site comes up properly. Cheers to WordPress support!



    That’s great! Glad to help. :)

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