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Domain registered through & Google Apps Email

  1. OK, I purchased a domain name through WordPress today. Tonight I am trying to set up the email on that domain name. I followed the steps on Domains>Add Email ... I said I wanted to use Google as my email provider: check. I signed up with Google Apps: check. I was logged in with Google Apps: check. I clicked the "Start" button to create the link between Google Apps and WordPress and... fail.

    Now, if I select my old email address, I get "Success!". But, the instructions tell me to select the email address I "created" when I signed up for Google Apps. Well, it says Google needs to verify that I own the domain, so they sent an email to that address. Problem is, I don't have access to that email, because I was creating it in Google Apps... but I can't verify my Google Apps account and around and around it goes... So what have I missed? I'm sure it's some basic step, but I just seem to have missed it...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can see the problem .... you cannot use google apps email to verify that you own a domain. fortunately Google Apps has other ways to verify a domain. See for information (this has changed since I set up email so I have not followed these instructions myself).

  3. Yes, I followed those instructions. If I select my account, I can select "Allow Access" an all works. If I select my newly created email address, it comes up saying they need to verify my account and I click a "Verify" button, and then it says it has sent an email to the newly created account (which I can't access). I suspect it is a Google-side problem, but they are just as difficult to get in touch with.

  4. It sounds like Google may have changed their process in a way that makes it incompatible with WordPress's process.

  5. OK. Just in case others strike the same issue... here is how I sorted it:

    For no reason other than to "try SOMETHING", I returned to the "Edit DNS" section of my Domains part of my account. And lo-and-behold there was suddenly text in the box! (I'm guessing that happened after using my OLD @gmail address). The only thing wrong with it was that the google-validation-code didn't match the one for my new domain name email, so... I went back to Google Apps, copied the correct code and pasted it in. Then I deleted all the extra spaces it added (couldn't seem to select it without selecting those too) and pasted it right in there, and voila (just pretend I took the time to stick the acute in there)! It works!

  6. Hi i have encountered the same problem. Where in google apps do i need to go back?

  7. I went back to WordPress and followed the instructions, but used an already working "" email address... This then seems ot have automatically filled in the DNS text I needed.
    In Google Apps, you need to go back to Setup... I can't see exactly what anymore, now that I'm sorted apparently... but I'm pretty sure Google Apps directs you through a few steps.. just follow until you get some code that you are meant to copy and paste into your host's DNS area... It gives you a list of hosts it can sort automatically, and WordPress isn't included, so just choose "Other..." and go from there...

    Hope you get it sorted...

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