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Domain Registration Confusion

  1. Hi

    Last year I transferred my domain name ( to a WordPress blog, as I was dissatisfied with another web provider that previously hosted the site. That host provided both a site builder and domain registration service, so when I left them I transferred my domain name to another registrar. When I was happy with my WordPress blog, I paid for the upgrade to map the domain name to the blog site, as I read that WordPress was at that time unable to transfer domain names directly and had to do so via a third party registrar. At the time I mapped the domain so the Name Servers on the site are WordPress servers.

    My issue is this: my domain name is up for renewal with my registrar, a domain name registration site. I want to keep hold of my domain, so will be renewing it. But I am confused about whether my domain name is registered with the registrar, and therefore I will have to pay them the renewal fee, or with WordPress, where the name servers are. An internet search has revealed that the domain name registration site is the registrar. Does this mean I pay the renewal fee to them? And do I have to pay WordPress again to map the domain name to my blog as I did last year, or is that a one off payment?

    Some help would be much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The bottom line is both are sepearately renewed. You have to pay the name registrar every year to retain the domain name, and you have to pay every year for domain mapping ie. to map your blog to that domain name.

  3. @timethief Thanks, that's good to know. Thanks for clearing up the confusion!

  4. Your're welcome and best wishes with your site. :)

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