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    I want to purchase my own “.com” domain with private registration, but I am aware that I will be moving to another state within a month. My payment information, along with my current residence, will change. If I choose to purchase this right now, is there any way that I can subsequently modify my domain registration information to reflect the new circumstance that I will be in shortly? Or – is it just better to not register until I have already completed the moving process? I don’t have any issue with this, as long as I know that my blog address is secure – meaning, that the name in my “” address will be available. I would appreciate any feedback on this matter. Thank you. – Brian

    The blog I need help with is



    Go ahead and register the domain name – I doubt that you are the first person in the world that has an address change – I would be amazed if WordPress.COM will not be able to cope with that little item. There is always the chance that someone else could register your name in the interim so sooner is better.



    Well – I went ahead and registered the domain name… I’m unsure as to how I will be able to modify the information once I have moved.



    I’ve purchased a domain called ‘Get That Government Job’ which is the title of my career book. The problem is that it is now called getthatgovernmentjobdotcom.wordpress because Get That Government Job was already taken. Can I change the domain name to help people find my blog? Thanks for your help.



    @gtgj: is already taken.

    May I ask why would it matter if you purchased a domain name already, which replaces whatever address you had?

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