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    Yesterday I recently registered a domain name and blog with A few hours after that, I decided that I wanted to have it canceled and refunded. I’ve sent a support ticket over to wordpress yesterday, and I was wondering if I needed to do anything else? In addition, how long is the support processing time, because I’m slightly nervous about the 2-day grace period (it’s almost been a day)?

    The blog I need help with is


    As long as you sent the support ticket in within the two days, there is no problem. It might be Monday before they get back to you. The support form is closed this weekend, but all support staff are working to get through their backlog of support tickets.


    Thanks for your help! I just got a reply from support, and I think what I really what to end is actually change hosting/nameserver! Thanks again :D


    You can keep the domain name and point it at a different host. If you cancel the domain it might be 30 days before it is released so that you can buy it again somewhere else, and at $5 per year for domain name registration, you won’t find anything less expensive really. Just get a refund on the domain mapping if you bought that too and keep the domain name if it is the one you want. See the following for how to change the nameservers to point at a different web host.



    Thanks so much, everyone!!! I just sent another email to support asking for a refund for just the domain mapping, and hopefully everything’s gonna work out fine! Thanks for all your help!

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