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    Dear Support,

    I just registerd my domain with (I think?). Could you pleas tell me if I’ve done everything correctly? Do I need to do anything more? I paid $17 for the domain, and $8 for keeping it private.
    Blog url:



    You have done everything correctly, you just need to set it as primary now via Store -> Domains in your blog’s Dashboard.


    Hello Macmanx,

    Thanks for your reply. I have made the the primary domain by going into the domain area of the dashboard. However right next to it it states the following: Expiring, Will stop functioning December 21, 2012. What does this mean and will I lose my site or will anyone see it over the internet?




    That means that you haven’t enabled auto-renew, so it will expire on 12/21/2012 unless you manually renew it.


    Ah okay. Thank you!



    You’re welcome!

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