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domain registration/cancellation issue

  1. fredatmarshill

    Yesterday i tried to set up a new blog for my company and I did not understand that I was registering a new domain that only pointed to a current domain blog (reflectionsfromthehill) that we already owned but my boss wanted it set up as a new and separate blog. So in an attempt to correct this I cancelled the domain registration and I would like help in getting it back....can you help me? my boss has now set up a domain/blog as "" but he really wanted it to be "" that is the one i cancelled... [email redacted]

  2. I can't seem to find any trace of being registered here.

    When did you cancel it?

    As mentioned during the cancelation process, we can't guarantee that you'll be able to re-register it, but I'll see what we can do if you can help me track down the cancelation with the date.

  3. fredatmarshill

    Well I registered it and cancelled it all on the same day...creating a hot mess I am sure. :-( My boss somehow saw it still in the wordpress system (I think it had not fully cleared out yet in the cancelation process) and he redirected it to point towards the devosfromthehill.ORG But this morning I see that it is in limbo as I got this message...on the word press site:

    We just need to setup with
    We’ve completed the technical setup on our servers to successfully map your domain to your blog. Now you have to edit the name servers at your registrar to point to us.

    How to Change Your Name Servers
    You can usually change your name servers at your domain registrar’s website, but the process is different for each registrar.
    Please visit your registrar’s website or contact their support team for instructions on how to update your name servers.

    Currently the nameservers for this domain are:

    Using the DNS tools provided by your domain registrar, remove any existing nameservers and add the following:


    Have I completely ruined it or can it be rescued?

  4. fredatmarshill

    and the date for all this activity was April 30

  5. Thanks for confirming that, I'll see what we can do.

  6. has been recovered, but you'll need to change the domain's name servers following this guide:

    The name servers need to be:


  7. fredatmarshill

    Thank You!!!!!! I will get on that!

  8. You're welcome!

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