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    I recently read over the new announcement about having your own link go straight to wordpress. My question is on the one deal “Registering a domain through and mapping that domain to your blog costs $17.00 per domain, per blog, per year.” So instead of going to say GoDaddy and paying $10 a year for my site link I will pay only $17 regardless of the sites name and still get the same price for just the blog on a yearly basis? I know that mapping a domain that I already own costs me $12 per year so is that saying that the difference in the “buying your site url from wordpress” is only a $5 difference? IF so that seems like a killer deal.

    Also I know that it is possible to get forums through WordPress, is that a premium feature and can anyone send me an example of what they would look like in a site?

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    Hi. That’s right, registering a domain through costs $5 per year and mapping is $12 per year. That’s what it says when you go to your dashboard, then to Upgrades > Upgrades.

    In regards to your second question (forums), here’s your answer:

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