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Domain Renew Button Not Visible

  1. I have bought custom domain for my blog which is located at I can't make sure if I will have money in my newly arrived MasterCard so I was trying to renew it in advance. I've already renewed it last year a couple of months ahead of expiration date. But I can't seem to locate the renew button right now.

    As described in this page, I can't see the Renew button anywhere next to my domain management or anywhere within my dashboard. Check out the screenshot here.

    Can anyone help me renew my domain right now? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like the staff have "improved" things again by disabling the ability to manually renew upgrades - I have flagged this for staff attention.

  3. We don't have a way to renew upgrades in advance of the renewal period at this time, but we should soon. Certainly before the domain's expiration in September.

  4. You used to - why was it taken away?

    So many upgrades have "auto" renewal fails that not letting people renew manually for even one day is a great step backwards.

  5. We're looking for a way to do advance renewals better.

    Users can still manually renew up to a month prior to expiration. In the OP's case, this domain won't expire until September, so the renew option is not visible until either August or we roll out a new way to do advance renews.

  6. I'm experiencing something similar where I can't see the renew button and the subscription to custom design is expiring tomorrow. I know the automatic renewal has failed due to expired credit card info. How do I manually renew?

  7. janredcross, there are no upgrades on your account.

    You'll need to be logged in as the user who owns the upgrade in order to renew it.

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