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Domain renew error, help required

  1. I have gone through the domain renew process but got an error message. What do i do now to renew my domain ?
    Blog url:

  2. What is the error message?

    I have flagged this for the staff to help you

  3. It just said that there was an error and I shoudl contact staff. The paypal payment has gone through and I have just had the confirmation emailed to me. So the renewal has been paid for, just not been processed by wordpress !

  4. Not to worry. The thread is flagged for Staff attention. Please wait patiently for their assistance.

  5. I will bet one very stale doughnut that since Godaddy handles the Wild West domain registrations (WordPress.COM) that the Godaddy crash has taken out the ability to renew and update the registration info

  6. GoDaddy is currently mostly offline, and we are partnered with a GoDaddy reseller for our domain services.

    So, to avoid any potential problems while GoDaddy recovers their services, we have blocked off our domain system as well. We'll bring it back once GoDaddy has recovered their services and you'll then be able to renew the domain via Store -> Domains in your blog's Dashboard.

    For now, I have refunded the $18 failed renewal that you placed earlier today.

  7. Hi
    my website is . i have tried today to renew my site by clicking "Renew Now" button....but it is redirecting me to Store page ....

    is this problem temporary? i have 2 months time my domain to be expired... and can u suggest me what i can do now?

    Let me know pls

    Om Prakash Chowdhury

  8. The problem with GoDaddy was resolved on September 10, but your domain expired on September 6.

    You should still be able to renew it, but you need to go to the Store -> Domains section of your blog's Dashboard.

  9. Hi Macmanx
    thanks for your reply...

    Yes.. i went to Store-->Domain. then

    i clicked on "Manage Domain Subscriptions"

    it leads me to a page where "Renew Now" $18 button i found...

    i clicked on "Renew Now" and it is not asking me for paypal or is leading to "Store" pages ..

    any reason? or i am doing some wrong?

    pls let me i want to renew it soon..

    thanks again for ur response


  10. This thread is flagged for Staff attention.

  11. Thanks..but..pls help me.....


  12. Hi timethief and macmanx

    would u mind to suggest me why my "Renew Now" leads to Store page...not paypal or other payment method to renew the domain?

    Hope you will help me.


  13. Hello..
    any suggestion? i am waiting for ur reply..


  14. It looks like you were able to successfully renew your domain.

  15. Hi Macmanx...
    Right.. i got an Renewal Message in may mail from ...and from there i successfully renewed my domain..

    thanks again for ur support


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