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    I need help. I think my domain expired, and the email that I would have received the renewal notifications from is no longer active. This is really crucial. Can anyone help please!

    The blog I need help with is



    What is the domain name you need help with?

    To renew an upgrade you need to be logged in as the EXACT account that owns an upgrade. You should be able to renew an upgrade without a working email

    I will flag this for staff attention in case you have problems and need more help


    Thank you for the quick response. The domain is I spoke with customer service with my hosting account. They told me that the nameservers were changed back to WordPress, and if I can point my nameservers back to the hosting account, the site should work fine. However, I am not being given the option to edit the DNS. PLEASE HELP!



    Changing the domain name is done by some registrars when a domain name has not been renewed, seems to get peoples attention.

    you need to renew the domain registration. You had domain renewal problems a year ago.

    There is a manage name servers section, but the registration probably needs to be current to change the name servers –

    If you have more trouble with the renewal or changing name servers I flagged this earlier for the staff to help


    So how do I get the registration to be current?



    You log in as the account that owns the domain name upgrade –


    I did that. I am logged into the account right now, but that option to make changes or edit the DNS is not showing at all


    Is there another way someone from support can contact me instead of emailing me at the registered email I have for the account? That email account was deactivated some time ago.



    You must visit
    and click the “Need More Help” link and complete the form for account recovery.


    I just tried to do that and got this error..

    “Sorry but the website you gave does not exist on Is it a self-hosted website?”

    My site is a self hosted site. What should I do in that case?



    You need to log in as the Account that owns an upgrade, not the domain name you need to renew



    Hi there,

    While your current site may be a self-hosted site, the domain is registered with and you need to reset your account.

    So as TimeThief suggested, I would recommend going to the Lost Password form and filling it out:

    Go through the process to regain access to your original account and then renew your domain.


    I tried filling out the form and got this message.

    Sorry but the website you gave does not exist on Is it a self-hosted website?

    I am able to log into site, but I can not edit the DNS there. When trying to reset the password, I got the above error message. Is there anything else I can do? I really need to gain access to my site!



    Why don’t you take the hint above that I gave you and go see how you solved this a year ago?


    I am logged into the account right now. It’s the exact same account that owns the upgrade and the option to renew is not listed!


    Last year the renew option was emailed to me, but the email that was linked I am no longer able to access because that email server was deactivated and I failed to change the email account. Now I know it was stated that I can renew without a working email, but my concern is that however I am supposed to do it, I am not able to. That’s what I need help with. I am certainly not trying to be difficult and I truly appreciate the help being offered, I’m just a bit lost. The account that owns the upgrade should have the username capitalchange. Am I logging into the wrong account?



    There is only one way to recover an account. You must visit
    and click the “Need More Help” link and complete the form for account recovery.



    The user account “capitalchange” is not the correct username for the domain “”. I would recommend that if you are not sure of which username is associated with your account and you do not have access to your email address, that you fill out the form at:

    And follow the steps there.

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