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Domain Renewal

  1. I'm having trouble trying to renew this domain. I just purchased the upgrade package with a free domain and it still won't upgrade. Help!!! This site needs to go live like yesterday!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. the domain i'm referring to is

  3. What is the URL that you wish to map from to please? Have you already purchased Or are you intending to purchase and register it?

  4. seems to be in Redemption (expired 2013-02-24) - you will need staff help to renew the domain name.

    I will flag this for staff attention.

  5. yes this domain has been previous mapped with and was working up to last week and then it stated that had expired but there was no choice to renew so we upgraded instead hoping that would solve the issue but still no go.

  6. PS - the 2014 date confuses me on second look - but you will still need staff help to sort it out.

  7. You'll need to be logged in as the user who owns the domain in order to renew it.

  8. Sorry, it is in redemption, so that won't work. We can renew it for you, but there is an extra fee, and I'll need to see the request here from the user that purchased the domain.

  9. The person who purchased the domain no longer works for the company. I am in charge of updating the website now. We just purchased the upgrade with a free domain can we really have to purchase something else?

  10. do we really*

  11. audreybenenati

    Here is the account that purchased the domain. Can you please link the domain to ASAP


  12. The domain expired on February 24 and is currently in redemption. This means that the domain is deactivated, but has not yet been fully released. During this time, you can still renew this domain, but the process is more complicated then a regular renewal.

    If you'd like to renew your ownership of this domain, you have several options:

    1) We can renew the domain for you through our registrar. This costs $97, which includes $17 for the domain and an additional cost of $80 for a late renewal. We have no control over this additional cost, as it is levied on us by out domain registrar.

    2) Try to register the domain through a domain back-ordering service, such as Pool (Registering starts at $60 with Pool)

    3) Wait until the domain is out of redemption and becomes available for registration again. Then, you can register it again for the regular price of $17. This would run the risk of the domain being registered by someone else before you, or the domain not being released for registration at all. The exact redemption period and the release of the domain are at the discretion of our domain registrar and we can't control it.

    If you want to have the best chance of getting your domain back, your best bet would be the first option. If you choose this option, please reply to this thread letting us know. We will then send you a request for payment via PayPal and will contact our registrar on your behalf, asking to restore the domain.

    Please note that time is of the essence here. Because your domain is very close to being cancelled, it may no longer be possible to recover it. If you pay for renewal and we are unable to recover the domain, you will be fully refunded.

  13. I paid $99 on March 10 to renew this domain, and received this receipt:

    Your Upgrade was purchased successfully.

    Item: WordPress Value Bundle for
    Cost: $99

    TOTAL: 99.00
    Purchased By: Susan Jenkins
    Credit Card: Visa ************6253
    Transaction ID: 2A274145MU087421U


    I was never notified it expired, I paid to renew it - what is the problem now?

    Audrey transferred the account to me yet you still show her as the owner. How do I correct this? She has not worked here for two years.

  14. audreybenenati

    We just paid $99 yesterday to do the upgrade????? Why do we have to pay more money can't you make some kind of exception? We really have to pay $200 to get this domainname back???? Can we get a refund of the upgrade yesterday and then we will use that money to purchase the domain instead??

  15. I am NOT happy at having to use Audrey's old email to communicate, never hearing from you until AFTER we pay for the upgrade, taking our money and still NO DOMAIN!

    We PAID YOU!

  16. This is to let you know that this thread has been flagged for Staff attention.

  17. You paid $99 for a Value Bundle. The domain is in redemption and our registrar partner requires payment of an $80 fee in addition to the $17 domain registration to recover it.

    If you'd like, I can cancel and refund your Value Bundle, but we'll still need $97 paid separately from the Value Bundle to recover the domain for you.

  18. yes, that is exactly what we would like to do. We would like a refund and then you can send the link for us to pay to recover our domain.

    Thanks for you help!!!

  19. I think you should know how difficult it was to navigate your site. When we added some stories to the page, I was trying to update the header text, and happened on a page that showed the domain had expired. This was not even on the admin page, some obscure place. We tried to pay to renew the domain and could not figure out how to do it. We spent a few days trying to figure out how and finally had to have our IT guy try (he is using the audreybenenati contact), and even he couldn't figure it out, so we upgraded, which is all we had the option to do.

    Please send the link to pay the $97 to recover our domain. We may decide to keep the value bundle, but without access to the page it is hard to decide.

    Thank you,

  20. I have sent the request to the email address attached to the domain (audreybenenati).

    Please reply here to let us know as soon as the funds have been sent.

  21. The funds have been sent (paid by credit card).

    How do we change the contact person email address?

  22. The money request does not appear to have been paid yet. Did you pay in response to the request or send the money separately?

    Can you please give us the transaction ID for the payment?

  23. We paid in response to the request. Receipt ID = 3420-6856-7015-1087

  24. Ah, found it. Looks like it took a few minutes to update.

    I have contacted our registrar partner and will let you know as soon as I hear back.

  25. audreybenenati, has been recovered successfully.

    suecaz, I can move the domain registration to your account, but I'll need to see the request from audreybenenati first so we have that documented.

  26. Please move the domain registration to Suecaz account ASAP


  27. I have moved the domain subscription to suecaz as requested.

  28. I am having the same problem.
    I updated a new domain name to, but now I can't access my wordpress blog. I have just cancelled the domain name as I NEED access to my wordpress blog this weekend...
    but now I keep getting directed to instead of to wordpress.miriamaziz...


  29. I'm sorry, but you really do not have the same problem, at all. This thread is regarding users who need to renew their domain name after expiration. appears to be working properly.

    It can take domain changes up to 72 hours (though usually much less) to propagate to your ISP. Unfortunately, we have no control over this as it all depends on how often your ISP refreshes their DNS cache.

    If you still have trouble after the 72 hour period, please start your own forum thread.

  30. I resolved it! Sorry for confusing the thread!
    best wishes,

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