Domain Renewal Headache

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    Hi all

    I have a site that used to be a site

    I originally purchased the domain through .com and have just this minute renewed it – having expired 11 days ago.

    However – with the domain ( now active again, it’s not directing to my .org site any more… but my old, redundant site.

    To my knowledge, the nameservers are still pointing to my hosting site (Hostgator)… so I’m not quite sure what the fix is here?

    Naturally, I’m very keen to get this sorted asap! Thanks in advance for the help folks

    Steve :-)

    The blog I need help with is


    Member – the name servers seem to be set correctly – but sometimes a registrar will set the name servers back to them when a registration expires – that seems to get peoples attention – if that happened then it will take a while for the updates to reach the far corners of the internet

    the name seems to go to a blog that is not a WordPress.COM site – however – your site is so slow loading and so much bandwidth that I gave up after about a minute waiting for your site to load



    Thanks so much for getting back – turns out all is now fine, just needed to wait.

    You’re right about site speeds – have so many images on the site. However, I guess thats a conversation for another forum!

    Thanks again auxclass. Much appreciated :-)



    You be welcome

    However slow site loading really turns of many visitors. I won’t visit slow loading sites unless that is the ONLY option I have – so if you speed up the load, and there are several ways to do that your visitors will be happier and you should get more traffic

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