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Domain Renewal Only. No other Cost?

  1. My domain for our church is about to expire. I want to renew it, but I only want Domain Registration renewal. I don't want to pay for Domain Mapping and private registration. I will be moving to a different server. Can I just pay for renewal only & not the other stuff?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. yes you can pay for only the registration - you should be able to just pay for the registration. The Private registration keeps your contact info out of the public domain - you might want to keep that

  3. ..but when I go to renew it only give me the option to pay for all three, not just the renewal. Advice?

  4. I flagged this for the staff to help - sounds like they may need to separate something into smaller pieces

  5. Thanks.

  6. You be welcome

  7. Hi reformednb,

    You can remove privacy from your domain and renew it for $18 as opposed to $26, but that's the minimum we charge for domains, as mapping cannot be removed - to do so would remove your access to managing the domain entirely.

    If you wish, you can move your domain to a new registrar:

  8. Thank you.

  9. @jackiedana - I have seen instructions in the documents for keeping the registration here but changing name servers to the new host - that implies to me that at some point domain mapping should not need to be paid, but that the mapping could just be allowed to expire and not be renewed while the domain registration could be renewed by itself -

    Yes if the domain mapping was removed from a blog / domain name before the name servers were changed then things would crash with visitors going into limbo

  10. @auxclass,

    We do not register domains without mapping, because among other things, the mapping allows a user to log into their account to renew domain, update the nameservers, and other administrative tasks. Without mapping, even when pointed elsewhere, the domain would exist in a vacuum.

  11. I guess a limit on the system here - I am not registered here but do use domain mapping on two sites


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