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    I purchased the bundle yesterday for and registered as the domain to map to my new site. Because I am planning on using a theme that requires, I cancelled my bundle and have been attempting to repurchase the .com address but am unable to on Blue Host as well as WordPress.

    I will be running hosting through Blue Host and would like both on it, but am looking for some support as to how I may be able to purchase this domain name again.

    Thanks for the help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Staff will assist you as soon as they can. Please be patient while waiting.



    If you cancel the domain registration it can take up to 60+ days for it to revert to the wild and there is no guarantee that someone else won’t grab the domain name you want and hold it for ransom or use it themselves – you can’t transfer the domain registration for 60 days (internet anti fraud feature) – you can however use a domain name registered here with your Blue Host blog –

    Your safest and easiest is to have the staff cancel most of the bundle and keep the registration here –



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    Hi rasmusleon,

    Since you canceled the domain, it may take some time for the domain registrar to make the domain available (as it’s currently out of our hands).

    Alternatively, would you like to pay the domain registration fee so we can contact our domain registrar to try and reactivate the domain to your account? I can’t make any promises, but it’s worth a try!

    (If so, I can send a money request for $18 to the email address on your account.)

    I realize you’ll need to point it to Bluehost, and you can do that by updating the nameservers if we can reactivate the domain.

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