Domain says it's mapped to my site but is not

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    About a year ago, I switched to a self hosted site. I transferred a .com domain I had purchased to be hosted by Bluehost. However, for some reason, my original site still thinks that the domain is mapped to the site. Is it not. When typing in the domain, it takes you to the self hosted site.

    Now, I’m trying to switch back to and want to map the domain back to However, the site already thinks that the domain is mapped to it so when I go to “Add A Domain” it says that the domain is already mapped to the site.

    Essentially, I think that I need to get the domain completely off the site. However, there are very few options available to edit your domains through and I see no option to remove it completely. Please help. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



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    Thank you.



    Did you manage to get this sorted out? I see your site here:

    Perhaps you’re talking about a different domain? If you still need help, could you please specify which domain you’re referring to? Thanks.


    No, we didn’t get it sorted out yet. Sorry, I also work at CPA Central, if you’re not sure what I’m doing here. We have the six files that need to be imported- the posts on the site currently have either been made recently or were made before the move to self-hosting, which, as you can see, we have chosen to do away with. The importing tool when importing from WordPress is still broken, see below. It has looked like this for 100+ hours.


    Sorry, this is the wrong thread, I believe.



    bluesockwa1cpac – if you still need help, could you please start a new thread and add “modlook” (without quotes) to the Tags section? Thanks.

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