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Domain Status: Pending WHOIS verification, no email received.

  1. I am trying to change my nameserver from to hostamania 2 days ago. I tried following the instructions that wordpress provided, but I am stuck. The status of my domain is "Pending Whois Verification", but when I try to resend the email to confirm, I never receive one. I've tried changing the email address, checking spam folders, and clicking resend multiple times – nothing seems to work. If possible I would like to transfer the hosting to hostamania, not keep hosting with wordpress.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't see anything about an email in changing name servers. I also looks like you just registered your name. Internet rules don't allow transfer of domain registration within 60 days of registering

  3. Hello Auxclass, thank you for your prompt response. I'm relatively new here, barely a week old. I'm not transferring my domain to another host, I just wanted to change the nameservers to hostamania, but I'm afraid I can't edit the nameservers. A pop-up always appear saying that "To access this functionality, you must verify your registrant email address: (my email address) Update registrant email address. That's where I am stuck. Tried resending the verification to my email numerous times, but to no avail.

  4. Update - I'm able to receive "notification email" whenever I update/change my registrant details, but ZERO EMAIL regarding name server settings verification even if I click resend multiple times. Many thanks for your help.

  5. I flagged this for the staff to help - in the mean time - try reviewing the two links I gave you above

  6. Thank you. I've been reviewing and following the instructions provided on those links to a T since day 1, until I got stuck on the pop up message for the email verification before changing/editing the nameservers.

  7. What do you need to change the name servers to?


  9. I bought the domain from, but upon reading some articles and getting some advice, I decided to self-host my domain to gain full access and customizations without restrictions.

  10. changing name servers should not be a struggle and is done on a regular basis - the staff have a good record of helping with these things

  11. It should be a breeze, I suppose, that's why I'm quite anxious with my situation right now, I can't to a thing, I don't know why I have to verify my REGISTRANT EMAIL ADDRESS before changing the nameservers. Clicking resend multiple times at the pop-up doesn't work at all. No email messages received until now... :'(

  12. I am having the exact same problem. I'm able to receive the "notification email" whenever I update or change my registrant details, but ZERO EMAIL regarding name server settings verification even if I click resend multiple times.

    My domain registrar is fxdomains (godaddy), They have not been able to resolve my problem either. It has been 2 days so far...

  13. @ Renomart, any updates regarding your status? I'm still stuck.

  14. No updates... still stuck!

  15. I'm not transferring my domain to another host

    If you are updating your name servers to point your domain to your new hosting provider, this is actually what you're doing. :)

    All you need to do is log into your domain administration area and update the name servers accordingly. You should not need to update your registrant information.

    If you want to transfer your domain to a different registrar, you will need to wait out the 60 days.

    Also, what kinds of customizations were you needing that you discovered you couldn't do on

  16. @ inf0haven

    After 4 days of back and forth with fxdomains support team I finally got the confirmation email and can now change my nameservers.

    I have no idea what they did but now it works.

  17. That's great. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  18. Update: I received numerous email stating this: "Reminder: Please verify your email address" but when I click on the button inserted at the email, nothing happens... I still can't have access to edit my Nameservers... It's very disappointing, really.

    @ Jackiedana, this is what I'm doing: You can still point your domain to your new host even if you can’t transfer the registration, by changing the domain’s “name servers”. --- referring to this this link Please enlighten me, I'm getting confused here... I thought I could just point my nameservers to other host without transferring to another registrar?

  19. I've checked into this more, and it sounds like the email verification is required by our domain registrar, Wild West Domains. You need to be able to verify your email address to modify your domain in any way, and that email address needs to be verified for staff to assist you as well.

    I'm going to look into this issue more for you and find out if there's a workaround or what else we can do to assist you with making these updates.

    In the meantime, if you haven't already done so, please try accessing the domain administration area through a different browser to see if that helps, and let me know which browser(s) do or do not work for you.

  20. Thanks @Jackie for the extra research, maybe a bit of fine tune on the support documents might help

  21. Tried using another browser (mozilla firefox) but still no good... The email verification message still pops-up...

  22. Thanks for letting me know. I will let you know as soon as I have a solution to this issue.

  23. Thank you @ Jackiedana, it's been 6 days, hope we could come up with a solution the soonest.

  24. @inf0haven, I have logged into the Domain Administration section on your behalf, and it looks like until the email has been confirmed, neither of us can modify the name servers. I have requested a new email be sent to you.

    Please try the link and let me know what happens. If you can take a screenshot of any error messages you receive, or anything else that happens when you try to use the confirmation link, that would be extremely helpful. You can upload those screenshots to your blog's media library or link to them from an free image sharing service, assuming there is no private information contained within them.

    Because our domain registrar is sending the emails, we will have to work with them to sort out any failures in this process, so the more documentation I can get, the easier that process will be for us.

  25. @ Jackiedana, Thank you very much. I'm still awaiting for the email you requested. Will update you ASAP once I receive it. Sorry for the trouble.

  26. The email will be sent to the email address you have associated with the domain registration. It may or may not be the same email address you have on Be sure to check your spam filters and the Gmail social tab if you're using Gmail. The email does not come directly from but from the domain registrar, so it may not be obvious.

  27. I'm using Yahoo, cleared out spam folders and eagerly anticipating the email. It's been a week since I bought the domain from

  28. I think I finally understand the problem. For your domain registration, you used an email address that was not yet activated, because it's tied to your domain, which needed you to confirm your email address. So you can't get the confirmation email to confirm the domain. It's a catch-22.

    I've updated the registrant email address to the one you used on upon signup. That should allow you access to your domain.

  29. It works! My domain status is now active. Thank you very much @ jackiedana. You're my angel lols ^_^

  30. That's great. I'm glad I was finally able to figure out what was going on. :)

    I'd recommend keeping your email address associated with your domain as a separate email that doesn't reference your domain itself, so if something happens, you can always access it. You can add on privacy to your domain if you want to mask it.

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