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Domain Switch Out - switch self-hosting doman to domain

  1. I have 2 wordpress websites. 1. 2. self-hosted. I need #2 on #1. #1 is my good website. #2 I have not built yet. What are the benefits of using self-hosted? How would I go about this switch? Must I do site redirect upgrade for $13? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you want people to enter and the content from is displayed and visitor see in their browser window - then you want to use domain mapping of an existing domain name - in that case you would not be self hosted - but still hosted on WordPress.COM with the content on being displayed and you doing your editing of content at - but would be displayed to all visitors

  3. Hello and thank you I read instructions. Still a little confused of course ...
    Domain was purchased at HostGator. It seems to me that I already pointed to it to wordpress. Do I still need to do domain mapping? Is it that I want to do mapping for? Or is it editwrite101.wordpress I want to do mapping for? Or both? Working hard to understand and not make a mistake, I think I am almost there. Thank you. :)

  4. With your domain name registered at HostGator (but not hosted there) - you would point the name servers to WordPress.COM (that is the same no matter where the domain name is registered - even if it was registered at WordPress.COM)

    Yes you will still need to purchase Domain Mapping - that is true also even if your domain name was registered at WordPress.COM - domain mapping is the part that matches up with editwrite101.wordpress so visitors are sent to the correct address / blog

    The domain mapping is done even if you were hosted on HostGator - but the domain mapping then is a bit different and the cost is built into the price of the hosting - so you would pay more for the hosting but not see the domain mapping cost - hosting by the way is free at WordPress.COM

    Yes you could do a domain forward to your blog here - but then your visitors could be a bit confused (depending on what they clicked on and how you did the forwarding they would see either or editwrite101.wordpress - and search engines might be a bit confused or not index your content correctly

  5. Mapping confuses me.

    I just have a domain name, exp; – no website.
    My domain name in word press - isn’t available.

    I’m not sure what mapping it for $13.00 at means.

    What I’m hoping it means: will work the same as if it was
    - I can use any of the free stuff like templates
    - I don’t need to know web building stuff

    What I’m worried it means:
    - I have to buy hosting
    - It will be too technical
    - unlike a, it will be Limited and I will have to pay more to get it to look right or make changes.

  6. Sorry, I don't think i should have posted here, i started a new topic titled mapping.

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