Domain transfer effect on blog?

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    I registered my domain through and switched my primary domain setting from to but in a month or two, I want to transfer that domain name to a new registrar and set up a website. Before I do that, I’d like to be sure I understand what will happen to my blog.

    1. If I reset as my primary domain now, both URLs will still take you to my blog. Correct?

    2. After I transfer my domain, only the URL will take you to my blog. Correct?

    The blog I need help with is


    1. Correct

    2. Correct

    You could though, if you wished, map your blog to a subdomain of your main domain name. Something like: . In fact, so that you don’t lose any search engine ranking, I might suggest doing that right now from the very beginning. That way when you start using the main domain as a website, your blog visitors will not get confused and all the links at the search engines will still work properly. You end up getting the best of both worlds.


    My previous answer assumed that you will NOT be using the main domain as a blog in the future, but as a more standard website.


    Thank you for the help. And no, I will not be using the main domain as a blog.

    If I map to a subdomain now, I would set that as the primary domain, correct? And when I transfer the domain, what happens to the subdomain? Will it remain at WP? Will I have to set up the CNAME again through the new registrar?


    Yes, the subdomain would be set with a cname record as explained in the support document. The subdomain would remain mapped to your blog here after you started using the main domain.


    Unless you simply want to, there would be no reason to move the domain registration away from You can still set up the main domain and point it at the new web host once the time comes from your domain management here.


    New territory for me. I already have two domains hosted at GoDaddy, but I also registered each there at the same I set up hosting. So, which WP faq will tell me how to do what you suggested?


    The one on subdomains will tell you how to set up the cname record and such, and for changing the DNS records over to the web host when you are ready, take a look at this one.

    And, if you lose the links, just go to the support pages and search for “domain” and it will bring up all support documents pertaining to domains and such.


    Very good. Thank you for all your help today.


    You’re welcome.

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