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    Last year I added a blog ( to my wordpress account. I then registered the domain name through wordpress. A short while later I decided I need to have a different format and so updated the nameservers so that that domain would be hosted through Hostgator. Everything worked fine after that. However I now have a NEW problem.

    For simplicity’s sake I would like to transfer my domain registration over to a different registrar. I’ve already paid for the transfer over there and am now needing to ‘unlock’ the domain here at WordPress and obtain a “valid authorization code” from WordPress to do this. I have followed the instructions step by step found in the support section of WordPress but run into a snag when it tells me to click on ‘Domain Administration’ under ‘Domains’ which is in turn under ‘Settings’. The snag is there is no option for a “Domain Administration”. Also, the only domain that is listed is (the blog I am keeping at WordPress). No sign of the at all, and no sign of any way to get into the Domain Administration so that I can ask for the authorization code.

    I find this extremely confusing as the domain that I registered/purchased through WordPress is not scheduled to expire until the end of the month. Also, the website (being hosted through HostGator after updating the nameservers) IS still functioning properly.

    I have only wks to get this problem figured out before we lose our domain name. Can someone please help?

    The blog I need help with is



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    Please follow the instructions to transfer your domain to a new registrar as outlined here:



    These are the instructions I followed to begin with. I know the steps involved. What I am trying to say is MY DOMAIN DOES NOT SHOW UP IN THE DOMAIN LIST!!!! I click on my dashboard… good. I click on settings…. good. I click on domains… good…. but the domain that I registered through WordPress last May (and is about to expire)… DOES NOT SHOW UP! There also is NO link to click on for “Domain Administration”.

    Everything is set up and ready to transfer at my new registrar, we just need to get the domain unlocked and get the authorization code… which I can not do because I can not access my domain through WordPress even though this is where I registered it from!!

    Several months back it DID show up in my domains list and I WAS able to access it. I went in and changed the nameservers back in Aug (I think) of last year. But now that the registration is expiring and I need to renew it, the whole thing has just vanished!

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