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    I’m sure there is supposed to be another place to put this, but I am just at the end of my rope. Here’s my situation. A couple of months ago, I attempted to transfer my domain from wordpress to bluehost. I’m very aware of this support link, and used it. However, whenever I logged in and attempted to unlock my domain, it simply wouldn’t work (same with the privacy as well).

    Not being well-versed in hosting or anything of the sort, I got frustrated and simply continued with the domain transfer process. I am literally at the last step of doing so with bluehost, except that I still need to unlock my domain. Alright, fine.

    So I follow the directions from the previous link to head back to domain management. Except when trying to access the information, I could no longer do so because I had changed the name servers. At the moment, my name servers are bluehost, but I want to temporarily change it back to wordpress. However, I can’t seem to do that from either wordpress or bluehost, so I’m just terribly confused and upset at the moment. I just need help!

    The blog I need help with is



    I flagged this for staff intervention. I don’t think anyone else can unravel this.


    Thank you ;___; I seriously just want to delete this domain off the face of the planet, and then once it’s available for use by anyone again, use it as my free domain name on bluehost. Because I’ve seriously had enough.



    Transferring a domain requires you to delete the ‘Privacy Registration’ first. If you want I can do that for you. Once that’s done you are able to move the domain to a new host.

    Please reply to confirm.


    That would be simply amazing, thank you so, so much. Would that also cover unlocking the domain as well (or is that sort of the same thing? I’ll just let you do your thing :D)



    I have removed the private registration as requested.

    We can’t do the rest for you, but you can unlock and transfer your domain following this guide:


    Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate it!



    You’re welcome!

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