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    I am transferring my domain over to use it through Currently the transfer is pending awaiting the release of the domain on your end. It appears that will take 5 days. The link to my website is already deactivated and says server not found. Is it possible to have the transfer go through sooner? Or at least is it possible to leave my site active until the transfer goes through? I do have a pretty consistent viewer click rate, and I’d hate to have my website completely down for that long.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there!

    I’ll tag this as Modlook so that a staff can walk you through, and assist you further.
    Please be paitent as they go through other requests.




    @lolabees I don’t have an easy way to speed up the transfer, and you won’t be able to change your name servers after initiating the transfer.

    But, if you can get A records from your host, you can add those so the site will point to the correct place:

    If you need help, please report back with the IP address(es) your new host would have you use. Please be clear with them we will not be able to use name servers in this case. Thanks!



    Thank you. Can you please clarify for me? I have already initiated the transfer and it’s pending, so I can’t do anything with the name servers now? (I just tried to change the name servers back to test it, and it didn’t work.)

    When I researched how to transfer the domain on, it told me it would be faster to point the name servers to the new host BEFORE initiating the domain transfer. It seems as if that was the wrong way to do it because in doing that, I have 5 days of dead air time while the transfer is pending. This is the page that suggests doing that. Please let me know if I am or am not understanding this correctly.




    Ah, my apologies; I misread your domain information.

    As the namservers are pointed elsewhere currently, you will need to use those name servers to point the site to the correct IP address. Is your new host able to help you with this?

    The domain transfer does take time, but if you make sure the domain is working first, it should continue working without any downtime throughout the transfer.



    Thank you. I called bluehost, and they ran a whois report on my site, and they show that the nameservers have not been transferred and that the privacy is still on in my privacy settings (that I am pretty sure I confirmed when I initiated the transfer.) She said based on the whois it looks like the transfer hasn’t even begun?? I received confirmation from wp that it had begun.

    So I guess I need to see where the name servers are first.

    Is there phone support for this or a live chat to try to resolve this more efficiently? My site has been down for 3 days, and I sent a private support email 3 days ago, and I never heard back from anyone until I asked on this forum.



    The name servers for are set to bluehost’s name servers. Are you referring to another domain?

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