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    I put in a support request on this but am not hearing back.

    I had a domain name on called storehouse and a site on called I want to fully transfer this domain from go to WordPress. I went through all the steps on the go daddy side, i.e., unlocked it and jettisoned it. But I cannot seem to associate it with my wordpress site. The instructions on the wordpress side seem to want me to mess with the name servers within my go daddy profile… which is not what I want.

    I have the emails from go daddy indicating that the transfer is in process from their side but the WordPress side is stuck.

    Thanks in advance for assistance.

    domain name:
    wordpress site:

    The blog I need help with is



    Transferring a Domain to
    We do not currently accept incoming domain transfers. If you already have a domain and you want to use it with your, follow the instructions for mapping an existing domain to your blog.

    Domain mapping >
    Map an existing domain >



    Hi there!

    I’m facing similar challenges – those help pages only got me so far (they all have really negative user ratings!). As per the instructions for mapping an existing domain:

    – I changed DNS settings on AussieHQ to use etc
    – I changed my >> Store >> Domain settings to add
    – I mucked around in Google Apps to generate a verification code
    – I added said verification code/metatag to >> Tools
    – I went back to >> Store >> Domain >> custom DNS and generated DNS records based on my Google verification code

    Whew! *But* no ta-da :( now seems to be pointing to (old Joomla site)

    I’m anxious that emails somename@ have not been disrupted & how to get my domains sorted?



    Looks like it was just me being impatient re DNS changes. Working perfectly now! :)



    @theneemies are you the same person as storehousemvmt?



    theenemies is someone different, not storehousemvmt.

    Thank you. I wish the documentation had been clearer. I read it all and did not read that WordPress doesn’t accept incoming domain transfers.

    Appreciate the feedback.



    You’re welcome.

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