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    I’m trying to help someone transfer this blog to a site over at bluehost. They registered the domain name with and it is being used as the primary domain name for their blog.

    We’ve got wordpress up and running on bluehost and have successfully exported the blog from the site.

    Here’s the stumbling block: the domain still points to the site. I need it to point to the bluehost server. The Domain Management support page is no help since none of the screens or links that it talks about exist on the Settings > Domains page for this blog. This means that I can’t update the nameservers either.

    Finally, the Edit DNS option that DOES exist on the Domains page takes me to a Custom DNS page. Unfortunately, that does me no good as you can’t map the top-level domain to the new server. You can only map a subdomain like to point to the new server. WordPress reserves the top-level domain.


    So, does anyone know how to point the top-level domain to a bluehost server or else where I can find the EPP authorization code for this domain so that I can transfer it over to bluehost? Again, the instructions found here: don’t work.


    The blog I need help with is



    The instructions on the page will work, but you need to login as the user who purchased the domain to see the Domain Manager login section.



    Mac, I can’t thank you enough. It turns out that her boyfriend was the one who had purchased the domain (they share the blog). Thanks for engineering some happiness today!



    You’re welcome!

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