Domain Transferred, Nameservers Changed (48 hours), Still Forwards to .WordPress

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    I have changed my host as I am moving my site from to and have changed the name servers to point at my new site.

    This worked successfully yesterday but since then it has started forwarding to again, why is this?

    How do I remove the forwarding? Can a staff member please remove this immediately and remove the domain from’s database to stop it?


    The blog I need help with is




    If your domain is hosted with a third-party, and you’ve changed the nameservers, this doesn’t leave much to do on WordPress’ side. Once the nameservers are changed, whenever someone types in, they will be directed straight to your new site (assuming nameservers were properly updated. If they worked once, I would assume they are!)

    You might want to check your name server settings again? Maybe a bug on the host’s end.

    Also, make sure you clear your cache, cookies, and perhaps reset your router! Sometimes, this type of routing information is temporarily stored on your computer or router, and a reset of all of the above may work. If that’s the problem, you will experience it with any browser. (Tech-speak: this is referred to as the DNS cache, and is there to speed things up a little). Restarting your computer may also help.

    I hope that helps!




    As you can see here:

    and here:

    My nameservers are not pointing to the wordpress servers so it shouldn’t be pointing back to WP, will reset everything as you say now but having same problem on mobile network on phone



    Sorry about that, I didn’t think of checking the WHOIS!

    It may seem a little silly, but make sure your mobile phone isn’t connected to the WiFi, as the problem can come from router cache like I mentioned.

    Also, DNS propagation can take up to 72 hours, although it’s usually much less. I’d suggest waiting a little longer and if you’re still encountering the issue, there might be an actual problem.

    Hope that helps!

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