Domain transfer/renewal combined issue

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    I hope I’m asking in the right place – I’m getting close to a deadline and I want to make sure I do this right.

    I’m moving from Blogger to WordPress – I’ve been running a mirror site for the last month as I create the new WP site, so I’m pretty much ready to go as soon as I can get my co-contributors up to speed on how to post in the next several days.

    I have purchased my .com with GoDaddy through Blogger and it’s coming up for renewal. My dashboard said the domain expires April 2nd. I know if I don’t get my registrar parked here before then and I renew through Blogger, I’m stuck there for another 60 days.

    So…my question is, do I move to WP now, buy the domain mapping upgrade and then obviously I’m going to have to buy the domain registration upgrade. Are they automatically going to know it’s expiring April 2nd?

    I’m being paranoid I’m sure, but I had a website years ago and managed to lose my .com address because I missed renewing my address by a short period of time.

    I’m sorry that was so long. Yikes.

    The blog I need help with is



    Since does not presently accept incoming domain transfers, you’ll have to renew your domain with your present registrar and use the domain mapping upgrade to use it with your site.


    Okay – Did I misunderstand this thing I read about being unable to transfer registrars when they’ve been renewed for 60 days? That sounds awkward but the gist was, if I renew my registration today through Blogger, then I have to wait another 60 days before I can upgrade my domain mapping to WordPress.

    I absolutely don’t want to be stuck in Blogger purgatory another 60 days.


    This is the thing that I was directed to when I asked (keep in mind that I’m relatively dumb when it comes to this – the last time I took care of my own domain and stuff was more than 15 years ago):



    When you buy a domain from a registrar you cannot transfer it for 60 days. Again, as you pointed out, this is an ICANN requirement. And again, regardless, does not accept incoming domain transfers.

    I have no idea how domain name registrations work at Blogger.

    If you own the domain and it was registered at GoDaddy, then renew the domain name at GoDaddy and use the domain mapping upgrade here.

    Maybe you should give us the link to your domain so that we can take a look at the WhoIs information?



    You have private registration on your domain, so it makes it a little harder to know who exactly owns the domain. I would contact Blogger/GoDaddy to check.

    If it is you, then follow what I said above about renewing the domain (before April 2) and mapping it to your site with the domain mapping upgrade.

    I hear you about being dumb with this. Domain matters give me a headache, but thankfully once you’ve set it up correctly you can pretty much forget about it and only deal with renewing the domain. That’s the reason I renew for 5 years at a time. Good luck!



    I have just been posted a renewal letter from a company called Domain renewal group?
    I thought I had to renew my domain with WP? and am a little worried that this may be some sort of scam? can someone let me know if this is the company that WP use for domain renewals?



    Thank you so much for your help, justjennifer, I really appreciate it. This stuff used to be so easy for me, I want to beat my head on a wall for not being able to figure it out.

    I managed to get a Google Apps Admin late last night online and their advice was exactly the same – it’s fine to keep renewing the domain through Google Apps and using the domain mapping upgrade here, they’re separate things that don’t really have anything to do with one another necessarily if you take care of the mapping correctly.

    So I’m crossing my fingers and doing it next weekend just to be sure. :)



    @basiasbookshelf You are very welcome and always better not to wait to the last minute, especially with domain stuff. It can lead to all kinds of unpleasant and expensive surprises.

    @scootersrock – please don’t hijack someone else’s thread with an unrelated topic. Best to open your own.



    @scooter – it’s a scam – lots of slime out there that charge you lots of money for not much and sometimes even steal domain names – renew with the original registrar – in your case WordPress.COM –



    auxclass is correct. I get the same spammy scammy bogus renew with us notices from the Domain renewal group every years and trash them every year.

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